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🔔3 Things The Last Dance taught us?🔔

If you’re like Brodes and D.Rey, you’re wondering what the hell do you do now that The Last Dance is over. This feels way too close to that time of year following The Finals, when the only highlights on TV are dives and stolen bases. But on the bright side, we all just got a front row seat to one of(if not) the best 30 for 30’s. Here’s Processed: A 76ers Podcast, 3 main take aways.

1. Dennis Rodman is a National Tresure

Say what you want, Dennis Rodman was a bad man. From the his superstar list of exes to his impromptu vacations, he was the pioneer of keeping your professional and personal life apart. But out of all of his antics that Brodes couldn’t get enough, the ultimate was the Ferris Bueller level rally he made during THE NBA FINALS. His 72 hour span of skipping practice to join Hulk Hogan and the NWO, pulling a Maury level escape from the media and then coming back to frustrate Karl Malone and knock down clutch free throws is the stuff of Legends.

2. Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson were more pivotal than We thought

It’s no doubt that the biggest debate of the doc was how does this reflect on LeBron which, in a way, shows how great he is. But the second is: who was more influential to Jordan’s career, his Robin-like teammate who was there for all 6 rings or the Zen master that taught him how to navigate the game at a higher level? Throughout the 10 episodes we saw how pivotal their support was, from Pippen’s defense and late game heroics to Phil Jackson’s lesson on being present and working on the mental aspect of the game as much as the physical. We even heard Jordan make a joke in Ep.10 when he was questioned on the following season the night they won. He removed his cigar, stopped playing the piano and barked back “Man be in the moment, that’s that Zen Buddhism shit”. We think it’s safe to say, Jordan’s career as a whole would not be what it was without these two in his corner.

3. GOATs don’t get to top because they fell there

What we all expected to be a high-light reel of the ’98 Bulls dominant run ending up being a full review of Jordan’s career and it did not disappoint. From the early days of being the new kid on the block to the gruesome days of the "Bad Boy" Pistons all the way up to “the shot”, Jordan’s career was nothing short of a fable. But the biggest takeaway was that NONE of it was given to a guy who was head and shoulders over the rest of the NBA. For many, hearing about MJ’s harsh leadership skills and relentless trash talking wasn’t exactly breaking news. What was shocking was his humility off of the court with people like Gus, his late security guard, and his opponents that he always showed respect to following the game. The GOAT debate is something people are going to argue about until they’re blue in the face but what no one can deny is how Jordan and The Chicago Bulls changed sports forever because of what they sacrificed and their respect for the game. “You get out what you put in” has always been a fundamental truth and Jordan’s legacy is what it is because he left it all on the floor...Salute.

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