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Champions For Charity: Nova’s National Champions settle their debate.

The Villanova Wildcat’s are viewed by many as the Men’s College Basketball team of the decade. With 6 Big East regular season titles, 4 Big East Tournament titles, 2 National Championships, a National POY in Jalen Brunson and Coach of the Decade in Jay Wright it’s hard to make a case against them. But with all of this, there’s still cause for debate...but not with another school. The debate is which team would win a game between the ’16 and ’18 Natty Champs and last week they finally settled the debate, kind of.

Obviously gathering the teams isn’t ideal(or legal) with the Covid-19 virus bringing everything but non-essential businesses to a halt. So they teamed up with WSOE Online studios and settled it over a 2k Simulation. And although it was entertainment at its finest, the real winners were Philabundance, Philly’s largest hunger relief organization that the team managed to raise almost $30,000 for.

Here’s how it happened.

The players used their weekly Zoom call to rank each other and figure out what each player’s attributes would be on NBA 2K. Then, WSOE recreated Villanova’s Finneran Pavilion with both team’s players and coaching scheme. The game came with two competitions: who could win the simulation and who could raise the most money before the final buzzer went off.

The event opened up with a touching message from Villanova Legend Randy Foye on staying safe during these tough times. Our own Darryl “D.Rey” Reynolds took up the role of moderator and accepted the one condition of wearing a tuxedo throughout the entire broadcast. The teams were introduced and it was on from there. Although the game was what brought everyone together, the real content came from the back and forth banter between the two teams. Some guys aired out dirty laundry, others said the game was fixed and all of them played the role of sideline reporters.

At halftime Jay Wright hopped in through Zoom with D.Rey to talk about which team he’d rather be stuck in quarantine with, the charity spin portion of the game and shared a few untold stories on both teams. Halftime was wrapped up by a graphic that showed the match up between the two recipients of the Julius Irving Award, Josh Hart and Mikal Bridges. Later in the game, Chuck Everson from Villanova’s first National Championship team dropped in to talk about which team he was pulling for and Kris Jenkin’s for his legendary shot, chose '18.

Of course, the game went into overtime and after a few minutes of blown defensive assignments, missed lay ups and untimely free throws, the ’16 team pulled through to win it 57-55. The series was split with ’18 raising almost twice as much, capped off at $14,242. For anyone wondering, this did not settle the debate in the least but until the actual game takes place, ’16 will have the bragging rights.

All in all, it was a great night for everyone involved and in the week following the game, another $7,000 was raised. HUGE thanks to Douglas Young, Josh Weinfeld, Kevin Rafferty and the entire WSOE Online studio for making this all possible.

Click the link below and TUNE IN for the entire broadcast:


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