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🔔Elton Brand Press Conference & The Last Dance 5/6🔔

What do you get when you combine The Eastern Conference Finals and Atlantic City? A competitive problem.

Before we get into that terrible one liner, let’s talk Elton Brand. Brodes and D.Rey did not hold back on criticizing The Sixers GM who said to Serena Winters “we always want versatile players, defensive minded players” via Zoom. A Sixers fan somewhere flipped a table the moment that statement hit the internet. Why? Because the 76ers (on paper)have an All Defensive team in their top 6...but the game is won by who scored the most points. It’s no secret that 76ers fans are fed up with the lack of offensive fire power but it’s not exactly time to lead a pitch fork in-hand crowd across the Ben Franklin either. Elton Brand “has been around the block” enough times according to Brodes and D.Rey to know what he’s doing and up until this point, his only brick from his executive seat is paying Al Horford enough money to buy the "Portrait de L’Artiste Sans Barbe”(that was a lil razzle dazzle for the artsy folks).

Now the one liner. During episodes 5 and 6 of The Last Dance, a lot of people finally got what they wanted: some dirt on Air Jordan. Now it wasn’t new news but it did raise some brows.

When the ’93 ECF against the NY Knicks got brought up, Jordan got took of his pedestal in a lot of people’s eyes. His impromptu trip to Atlantic City shed light on his seemingly apparent gambling problem. When questioned on it, and we mean flat out questioned on his gambling addiction he said “I don’t have a gambling problem I have a competitive problem”. Following the slander and dent in his perfect public image, Jordan dropped 54 points on the Knicks as the Bulls went to sweep the last 4 games of the series. 🐐


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