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🔔Ep.5 -JJ Redick Sides with Brett Brown over Jimmy Butler?🔔

Before we get into that, let’s take a minute to mourn the NBA Playoffs. Brodes and D.Rey agreed that the only thing that makes up for the Sixers not starting a series against Miami, Boston or Indiana is the ESPN doc, The Last Dance. D.Rey started it off with a hot take that this doc will alter how a lot of people look at Air Jordan’s character, but let’s be honest, he’s the GOAT and if anything, this “year long snap chat story” will solidify his spot at the top.

Now, JJ Redick. The Steve Rogers stunt double is hard too root against. Usually when a guy’s no longer in a Sixers uniform, he’s either missed immensely or hated entirely....like cross the street when you see a Sixers fan, hated. But JJ Redick has found himself in this weird middle ground of being the guy that isn’t completely written off and in a way, welcomed back. The cracked door for JJ Redick seems like it was unbolted completely

after a recent interview on a Sixers podcast where he admitted Brett wasn’t “the problem” and alluded to being open to playing for him again.

So how the hell did they get a full episode out of this cut and dry conversation? Well before the world stopped due to Covid-19 JJ Redick and had the infamous(and immensely missed) Jimmy Butler on his podcast that had NO problem calling out Brett and the Sixers front office. Which leaves only one question...why didn’t JJ speak up then...on his own show? TUNE IN!!

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