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🏙Postgrads @ The Plat🌆 w/ Avery and D.Rey

We all have a story about a conversation that took place in a car. It could've been before an extracurricular in grade school, or with an ex from high school or with an Uber driver on the way to a game. We've all been there...and it usually turns into a story we tell other people. That's what Postgrads @ The Plat is about. That's the description. What makes it worth watching?

1. Philadelphia's Belmont. Platueau

is as close as the city's going to get to a beach and no one in the city of Brotherly Love is complaining about it. The view that looks out on Philly's Center City area from Fairmount Park is at its best during the change of seasons, holidays like 4th of July and Summertime* cameos.

2 .Avery and D.Rey are two people that usually lead those introspective car conversations, so why not have them work together? After attending the Winning Edge's Game Changing retreat, Avery and D.Rey decided to figure out how they could work together in their hometown, Philly. They figured why not just record what they usually talk about...where they usually talk. So far, they've covered topics like CBD/Medical Cannabis, Mental Health, Relationships and the NCAA. In our opinion, it worked. TUNE IN

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