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🔔PROCESSED🔔 with Brodes and D.Rey

....is a title and a half. But it's necessary for a show centered around one of the NBA's most exciting and unpredictable teams: The 76ers.

"Trust the Process" was something that began ringing off in Philadelphians ears back in 2011 when it became apparent the franchise was heading towards some uh...humbling times. Nine years, four top 5 picks, several $100 million contracts, a plethora of trades, a few front office changes and 1 tank later, the Sixers are one of the best teams in the league...on paper.

To some people, the Sixers will never get there, but to Brodes and D.Rey, their hometown team has made it through the process and are a triple doink away from a NBA title. On paper, the duo make an odd couple, like The Patriots and inflation but the rapidly growing video-podcast 'Processed' has shown these two go together better than soft pretzels and water ice. The show littered with observations, opposing views and occasional profanity does not disappoint. TUNE IN NOW!!

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