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🌆Sexuality...within sports🏙

What do you get when you when you take a taboo topic like sexuality and mix it with a unifying topic like sports? You get a rug, with a bunch of dirt swept under it.

Last night, one of the most iconic and bizarre sports figures in history got his spotlight in the 90’s Chicago Bulls doc, The Last Dance. Dennis “The Worm” Rodman transcended basketball with his brilliance on the court and lifestyle off of it. But, his androgynous ways often made people question if dating people like Madonna and Toni Braxton was just a cover up.

In his own documentary that came out last year, Rodman went on record to say “about 10-20% of NBA Players are gay” or assumably, in the closet.

Earlier in the year, World Champion and Best FIFA Women’s Player, Megan Rapinoe said “you can’t win a championship without gays” during their historic run. A bold statement, but it makes you think...what if she’s right?

It’s becoming obvious as the conversation on mental health in sports plateaus, the role(or lack their) of sexuality within the locker room is up next. That’s what Avery and D.Rey broke down in this episode. Because rather it makes you uncomfortable or not, the topic is here and probably won’t go away until everyone accepts that everyone should feel accepted.

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