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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

"Alright but, I'm different, I can't base what I'm going to be off of what everybody isn't". Jay Z said that in his song So Ambitious, a track produced by one of his favorite muses, Pharrell Williams. The song shouts out several sources of inspiration for Jay Z, including his elementary school teacher who told him he was doomed to a life filled with drugs or a quicker than expected ending. His uncle who told him in so many words "give up the rap dream" and lastly his peers that followed the former status quo of kids from Marcy by selling and using drugs. The line that proceeds the one above is "my dreams seem dumb, they said 'wise up, how many guys do you see making it from here? The world don't like us...is that not clear?'". But through all of the word play and rhyme scheming that Hov did in this song, the most notable part is the story of his resiliency to remain singular. Singularity of his path and the simple belief that he was unique or special. It's ok to be weird or different or crazy, because nothing normal ever changed someone's day, or life, let alone the entire world. No one ever left the theatre and said "man that movie was normal" or paid their bill at a restaurant and said "that most normal sandwich I ever had". Singularity should be celebrated. Just because the person to your left and your right didn't make something happen in their lives, doesn't mean you can't do it in yours.