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♠️So why a talk show?♠️

I think one of the funniest things about telling people I have a(half decent) talk show is that eyebrow raise that immediately comes after. That “you don’t say?” blink with the slight chin tuck like they’re about to start folding towels never fails.

To be completely honest, I kind of like it because it shows in real time what people think an ex-athlete should, or this case, shouldn’t be doing. I’m not saying it’s any animosity behind their reaction, it just displays in real time what people consider “normal”.

That was half of the reason we started the show...to challenge the way people view 6’9 guys with arm sleeves and an appreciation for polos. The other half of the rebel without a cause crusade on traditional talk shows was Martin Lawerence. Stick with me here. In the 90’s, Martin Lawrence had a show called ‘Martin’ that after

2 seasons, became the funniest show on television WITHOUT cursing. You want to argue about why Fresh Prince or Everybody Hates Chris don’t have that title? Email me.

Anyway, he had three jobs throughout the course of the show: a radio host, then a cashier at Hoochie Burger and finally a talk show host. But the talk show wasn’t the plan, he actually started it after the radio station went under and he left his hometown to “find” himself.

The talk show alone was entertainment at its finest but his show in general showed how a good time could bring people together. He brought on famous artists like Biggie and Babyface, comedians like Chris Rock and Tommy Davidson and created some of the most iconic moments for a lot of 90’s kids. He shaped our sense of humor and worked in a lesson on morality here and there. So thank you Marty Mar for showing the power of entertainment...and thank you to whoever hit me with the “oh word” reaction following my explanation of my new found passion.

- D.Rey

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