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  • Stay Tuned with D Rey

Everyone has a story.

It's true. It's not rocket science or some esoteric concept that only the divine can understand. Every woman, man and child is the star of their own (constantly in)motion picture and as a direct consequence of this, there will always be another story to be told. Because of human being's natural ability to simplify things in a hierarchal manner, somewhere along the lines of our evolution we began to believe that the only stories that matter, are the ones that belong to the rich, famous and royal. But in the past decade and a half this way of thinking has slowly dissolved...and the only thing we have to blame is social media.

Social media has shortened the gap between what we view as celebrities and non-celebrities by simply turning the keyboard, microphone and front facing camera towards the people. Facebook turned anyone with an email address into a blogger, twitter created a world where the term "journalism" is defined by the amount of retweets could be mustered up and instagram has made paparazzi and divas of us all. In the age of the constant press release two things have become apparent: 1. everyone has a story as well as an email address 2. we'll all have to stay tuned to see where this will not only take mass media, but the way we receive information as a whole.