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♠️The strongest person I know.♠️


I know the sentiment(the title) is a bit overused. I feel like every IG birthday post mentions it but every BFF can’t be the strongest friend, it’s numerically impossible. Well, when I say Justin Pritikin is the strongest person I know, I mean it.

In 2018, when I started on staff at ‘Nova I had to become familiar with the new managers. Every manager is special in their own way because of what they’re willing to sacrifice to help the team but this one kid lit up the locker room every time he walked in. Like, you know those people who walk into the room and you just immediately feel better. Well that’s Justin.

photography by The Flawless Focus

I teased him from time to time but hyped him up every time I got a chance and if there was an argument the managers were trying to settle, I sided with whatever Justin was backing. But he’s one of those people you can tell comes with a few layers. Not to say he isn’t genuine but you can just tell(or maybe I’m that off) he cherishes good days because he’s had some bad ones. So I pried, as I always do and what I quickly found out was that his upbeat attitude stemmed from a strength that I’ve never seen. I mean, you have to be strong to beat cancer 3 times before 21.

- Darryl “D.Rey” Reynolds

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