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What “The Last Dance” really says about Lebron

Updated: May 6, 2020

In lieu(I’ve waited my whole life to start off a sentence like that)of the tired debate of Jordan or Lebron I want to take this time to point out a few things about Lebron that only THIS documentary could bring to the surface. If you’re reading this and you don’t know what “this documentary” is, give Patrick Star my best.

1. IT'S A NOD TO LEBRON - I’m a Kobe guy, so I hate admitting this more than the crazed Jordan fans but it’s true. The rumor behind this doc is that Air Jordan himself green lit the project after the most historic comeback in NBA Finals history. In 2016 the Cavs led by Lebron, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, made a 3-1 comeback against the Golden State Warriors. In the midst of Lebron celebrating his fulfilled promise to the city of Cleveland, Jordan sat somewhere touching his finger tips, blew out a little cigar smoke and used his bat phone to get Philly’s own Mike Tollin on the phone. Now if that’s true, it shows how serious Jordan takes Lebron’s legacy...and if that’s not enough to convince you, ask yourself “next to Jordan, who’s been brought up the most since the day it aired?"

2. LEBRON WOULD NOT HAVE MUSCLED THRU JORDAN’S ERA - let’s cut the shit, Lebron does not like physicality. I don’t care how strong he is, a man that does this

is not going to just run through an era where literal fist fights were simply called fouls and the game continued as if it was hockey. Lebron 100% would have been the best athlete in that era because he’s the best in this one but I call cap on anyone saying The Bad Boys would’ve been outmatched just because he looks stronger than Bill Laimbeer. And for anyone sticking by the logic of sending Lebron back in time, apply the same logic to someone like Jordan being in Bill Russell’s era and imagine what that would look like.

3. THE GOAT DEBATE IS STILL UP FOR GRABS - At the end of the day, this documentary highlights the last championship Micheal Jordan and the Bulls won. Jordan retired a year later and only came back for two more seasons between 2001-2003. Lebron’s still here has at least 3 more years playing at his current pace. Obviously, the smudge on his record is his 3-6 Finals record(and 2 of those 6 can’t really be held against him) but he’s in place to win 2 more titles, 3 if the NBA season comes back this year. So in all reality, 6 rings isn’t out of reach for The King and I’ll say it now, if he gets to that point, it’s going to be real hard to argue who’s the real GOAT.

- Darryl “D.Rey" Reynolds

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